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We Support Non-profits

We long-term cooperate with selected non-profits and try to support them in what they do best – help people.

We do not contribute money directly, however we offer advertising and media space including extensive knowledge of our specialists who will be pleased to fully utilize this space.

We cooperate with centres Teiresiás and Elsa and prepare with them haptic maps for blind persons free. We support blind persons also through the donation Bílá pastelka (White Pencil) organized every year by Sjednocená organizace nevidomých a slabozrakých (Czech Blind United).

Within the Dětský čin roku (Child Act of the Year) we declare a hero who helped through his own action somebody in the neighbourhood. We are involved in activities of the association cz.nic which is the patron of Den bezpečnějšího internetu (Day of Safer Internet) in the Czech Republic.

Together with public service organization Elpida we participate in educating seniors for whom we prepare specialized lectures focused on media education and safety on internet. We pay our attention to children through the non-profit organization Člověk v tísni (People in Need) and its project Jeden svět na školách (One World in Schools).

Seznam Staff in Action

We also like to contribute. For example, we make a donation to Bílá pastelka (White Pencil) which is focused on blind persons both in the Prague headquarters and other branches every year, we organize charity bazaars featuring clothes and contribute to operation of sheltered workshops by buying their products.

Who we help

Člověk v tísni (People in Need)

This is a non-governmental organisation which works in favour of an open, informed, engaged and responsible society both in this country and abroad.

Bílá pastelka (White Pencil)

A collection organised by the United Organisation of the Blind and Sight-impaired of the Czech Republic, the proceeds of which are used for educational programmes for the sight-impaired.


The mission of Elsa is provision of services to students and study applicants with specific needs ensuing from their physical or mental disability.

Středisko Teiresiás (the Teiresias Centre)

Teiresiás ensures that courses which have been accredited at universities are open to students with sensory or any other handicaps.


Elpida helps the elderly become a confident and respected part of society. It runs a training and cultural centre and a crisis hotline; it also publishes the magazine Vital.

Dětský čin roku (Children’s Good Deed of the Year)

The charitable project Dětský čin roku celebrates children who are helping others and doing good. Any student of a primary school, eight-year gymnasium or special primary school from anywhere in the country can send in their story of a good deed.

Konto Bariéry

Konto Bariéry, the longest-running public collection in the Czech Republic, helps handicapped people and organizations taking care of them. It is our aim to return handicapped people back to life.

Interested in working with us?

The projects that we choose to support are carefully selected to harmonise with our services and activities, because it’s not in our power to help everyone. We do not provide direct financial support or any form of sponsorship.

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