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We want to improve media literacy

We offer high-quality independent journalism and want to show the public how to verify information and sources while appealing to their own judgment and critical thinking.

That why we introduced the Seznam se s médii (Meet the Media) project in 2019. Our long-term objective is to train teachers in media literacy and offer them a methodology and teaching materials that they’ll be able to use in class with their students.


The pilot project Seznam se s médii is aimed at teachers in primary and secondary schools, to whom it provides the resources they need to develop a comprehensive and practically applicable methodology for teaching media education. In the next stage of the project, we will open an academy for teachers, who will be able to get involved in the programme and take a free training course in media literacy.


Our newsroom is already open to students. In addition to internships at the Sherlock Hoax team, which factchecks the accuracy of various claims and disproves false information, individual students and entire classes can register for tours of our newsroom.

Senior citizens

In education for senior citizens, we have joined forces with the public benefit organisation Elpida. We offer courses on media literacy, as well as internet security, including tips on how to use various services or make online purchases securely. Senior citizens also have the opportunity to visit our newsroom and our Prague headquarters.

Partner schools involved in the pilot edition of the Get to Know the Media project