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We are working to make the internet a stronger Czech medium and to ensure that Seznam.cz is the place of first choice for Czech internet users.

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Automatically import your campaigns from Google Ads to Sklik

Introducing a new way for you to transfer campaigns from Google Ads to Sklik directly without having to export campaigns in the Editor and then import a CSV file into Sklik. Is it now even easier thanks to linking accounts and automatic importing? What can import from Google Ads in the beta version do and …

10. November

6 tips on how to optimize your ads in Sklik for Christmas 2022

And here it is again! Christmas is fast approaching and with it, the chance to make the most of Sklik campaigns. Don’t underestimate preparations, and Santa will bring you even more conversions. Join us for this year’s tips on how to tweak Sklik campaigns to perfection! 1. Retargeting (RTG) to e-mail addresses Do you have …

7. November

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Develop your business and get new customers. Advertising on Seznam will enable you to address the right people, to attract their attention and to achieve the required results.

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You can never have too many talented people, which is why we are constantly expanding our team. Find your dream job and get things going with us at Seznam.

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At Seznam, we focus on the long-term support of our partners, on increasing media literacy and on developing services that literally anyone can use.

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