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How to find the ideal frequency in brand campaigns

When planning brand online campaigns, we can monitor many metrics. One of the most important is frequency. But what does frequency mean in online marketing? And which one is ideal? That is the focus of this article. Frequency as defined in online marketing is the amount of reach of our target group by a certain message over …

16. January

We remembered Czech heroes over a glass of Heffron rum

We Czechs have only been living in a free country for the past 30 years. Our parents experienced communist totalitarianism, our grandparents and great grandparents Nazi murder and the horrors of the world wars. Over time, we have gradually forgotten the heroes who gave their lives for their country and for our freedom. And for …

9. January

How to optimize CTR without cookies

A campaign for Volvo was created as part of the RTB challenge “Show what you can do without cookies!” The objective was to reach the relevant audience and lead them to the client’s website. And all this in a cookieless way of course. See what solution the RTB representatives of the Xaxis team produced. About …

2. January

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