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Company Seznam.cz reports the revenues of CZK 5.928 billion for the year 2022

Compared to 2021, revenues of the company Seznam.cz increased by 5.8% to almost CZK 5.93 billion. On contrary, the Czech internet leader’s pre-tax profits amounted to CZK 1.284 billion, i.e. 34.5% drop year-on-year. The decrease in profits was due not only to rising costs related to the current economic situation, but also to significant personnel …

24. May

Get the most out of your campaigns using acquisition targeting

How to extend campaign reach and increase turnover while upholding the target Cost of Sale (CoS)? The clients Agrofortel and Spořílek decided to use acquisition targeting using dynamic retargeting of product visitors on Seznam websites. This type of targeting shows users an ad for a specific product from the client’s XML feed, which they viewed in the Seznam browser. The results of the campaign may inspire you to work with targeting.

11. April

Advertising on Seznam

Develop your business and get new customers. Advertising on Seznam will enable you to address the right people, to attract their attention and to achieve the required results.

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