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Do you evaluate your brand campaigns? Then you’ll enjoy using Seznam Brand Lift!

How do you know if your brand has become recognised by your customers? With Seznam Brand Lift, you can evaluate your campaign goals and the extent to which your brand awareness has increased. See how this tool helped Hyundai Motors with their Going to the Euro! campaign. Seznam Brand Lift helps you measure the impact …

16. November

Case study: RTB as a storytelling tool

This campaign for our client, Palírna U Zeleného stromu, became an example of how to combine direct buy and Seznam Native with RTB to meet the client’s goals. During the campaign we used RTB, which can play a key role in follow-up communication (storytelling) and in working with the frequency of the reach, to capture …

5. November

Get more orders in by targeting your own customer lists

Sklik now allows you to work with client data in the form of custom email address lists. This introduces a new form of targeting, which opens up new possibilities for integrating data from CRM or CDP systems. How does targeting work and what are the experiences of our advertisers? In terms of the development of …

3. November

Advertising on Seznam

Develop your business and get new customers. Advertising on Seznam will enable you to address the right people, to attract their attention and to achieve the required results.

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