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We help promising projects develop more quickly

We are interested in all super teams with a clear vision and services or products which are close to us. You can present your project in the form of a short presentation.

We offer support when working together

We want to assist in the development of good ideas and to give them what they need to enable them to improve. And, if your focus matches ours, our cooperation will be very smooth.

Marketing assistance

We advise you on how to achieve higher visitor traffic or how to create a marketing strategy.

Sales support

We have tens of thousands of customers and we like to help them to open the door to promising projects.


We offer servers, hosting or testing. We are truly able to do a lot.

In addition, you can also look forward to a number of other advantages. These range from flexible office locations through to the option of participating in our internal employee training sessions.

What interests us

  • advanced advertising systems
  • programmatic purchasing, targeted advertising, RTB
  • searches and per-click advertising
  • innovative e-commerce solutions
  • the sale and purchase of new and used goods
  • map services and services for travellers
  • big data – its infrastructure and analysis
  • services in the area of real estate
  • automobile sales
  • virtual and augmented reality
  • 3D models and visualisations
  • financial services

Our associates


The publisher of the Právo daily newspaper, which operates the Novinky.cz, Sport.cz and Super.cz portals


A server which searches for discounted prices and specials from current fliers


Aerial photography, mobile mapping, online GIS and other geographic services


An interactive ride planner and organiser for motorcyclists

Voice of Prague

The owner of the company which operates the Expres FM and Classic Praha radio stations

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