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This policy applies to the www.sklik.cz website and the sklik.cz admin interface for managing advertising campaigns.

Account ID:

The account ID is an anonymous numeric ID for Sklik.cz. We receive it the moment a registered Seznam user comes to Sklik.cz and we hold it for the sake of proper system functionality.

Email address:

We use the email addresses you provide to send you information related to your account.

  1. Account owner’s email – the email address directly associated with your account.
  2. Contact emails – you can optionally use multiple addresses in addition to the account owner’s email address to send information about your account.
  3. Feature-specific emails – some features of the system allow you to enter additional email addresses to be used only for those features (e.g. to send statistical reports).

Operating data:

Data regarding how you use Sklik.cz, how often and how you use its features – we use this data to improve the Sklik.cz service itself and for technical support. We store the data for as long as necessary.

Our data processors:

Google – Google, LLC –  Google Analytics Privacy Policy. We use it to obtain product statistics.